Lunch, flats and Ilia…

Took the opportunity to review yet another foundation while getting ready for a late Sunday lunch with the girls. This brand is new to me -it’s called Ilia and it’s made in Canada. It is sold at various stores including Sephora and Bloomingdales. The brand claims to be a clean beauty brand containing organic ingredients. Looking at the Ingredients list of this foundation though, the usual suspects are still present like titanium dioxide, etc.

The verdict: it patched a bit upon application so had to use my limited artistry to recover from what was bound to be a disaster. The brand claims “a skin like coverage” and this is true – there is almost no coverage so I ended up with pretty much bare skin. Luckily it’s a good skin day for me so not a complete loss. The shade oxidized immediately. It has no scent, which is probably the only good thing about it in addition to the brand name – Ilia. Yes, that’s kind of cool. Will need to test again with a different primer but I doubt I will be reaching for this one in the future.

Since I was not feeling glamorous at all, opted for a super casual look, even wearing flats. Ok, Gucci flats but still.

Ok, seriously, I think I’m ready for a handsome man to complicate the Hell out of my life beacause it is getting a bit boring if I am actually concerned with the glamour level of my shoes to that extent…yes, very random statement…my mind is somewhere else today…



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