Friday butterflies…

The speedometer quickly reaches 104 and I immediately relax my foot off the gas pedal. Yes, I’m enjoying the adrenaline climb but really don’t have the time to be pulled over and storm into a lengthy negotiation with yet another highway patrol cop over something so pedestrian as what the appropriate punishment for speeding should be. Last time I wasted 22 min and I reluctantly accepted a “fix it” ticket for not displaying my license plate (which I never do as I like changing my cars every 12-18 months; who has the time to be attaching plates all the time?!) although he clocked me at 94 miles/hr. The 405 South is hugged by sunshine and the azure reflection from the ocean on the right is mesmerizing. Hundreds of butterflies in the air forming a spectacular cacophony of almost meaningful paper mache in the air. Two of them prominently splattered over my front windshield. Three now…fourth one finds itself unlucky and crashes on the glass…ok, now I’m just aiming for them.

Beautiful La Jolla is just ahead of me but I’m still enjoying my carefree race with an unknown male driving an M7 and proud of it. I can smoke his ass but occasionally I let him ahead of me for a bit so I don’t bruise his ego too much. Yeah, ok, I have to pay it forward and make at least one person happy today…considering next one I see at the La Jolla office will be fired. Yep, playing boss lady today. Just as much fun as the ride down!

Just kidding…I don’t fire people on Fridays. It’s just distasteful. What do you say after you fire them, “have a great weekend”? It just doesn’t fit. Also, if they start crying or even worse, start begging and pleading , it ruins my weekend. So no, I never fire people on Fridays.

The anonimous M7 dude is now desperately trying to accomplish a straight line driving right next to me. He’s getting cocky a bit and turns his head towards me and smiles. I’m getting concerned that he may even attempt to waive which will signify driving with one hand, something he’s definitely not ready to achieve.

Ok, it’s time to shake this guy. I throw a quick mischievous grin his way and step on the gas. Seconds after, he disappeares in my rear view mirror. And I can almost see his open mouth in dismay…

and butterflies everywhere…

About Desi Stark

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