The Foundation Trials – YSL All Hours – 2nd try

I am giving the Yves Saint Laurent All Hours foundation another try today in hopes that I’ll like it just as much as my first time. And yes, I did. I also tried a new technique today, the so called buffing. By now, we have all realized that I’m an all high-end cosmetics girl and although I may occasionally venture into trying some lower end pieces, especially after reading an extremely positive review or blog, I refuse to put anything but the best on my face and yes, 99% of the time, high-end will be associated with an elevated price point. And yes, when it comes to cosmetics, make up or skin care, the higher the price, the better and more functional the performance; there is no denying that fact.

A new addition to my skin care routine is a sun protection with an SPF 50 by Tom Ford. I finally found an SPF that almost does not interfere with your make up application. It’s almost unnoticeable especially if you let it completely absorb before you apply the foundation.

My favorite face primer by Tatcha – silk canvass and a bit around the nose area – by Tarte – the smoothing primer. These are my favorites nowadays. The YSL went over like a song. The eyes were all about Viseart – my new favorite eye shadow. Sisley lips with Pat McGrath gloss. Baked with Laura Mercier translucent powder, a touch of my Hoola bronzer, Hourglass blush and layered a few highlighters by Stila and Becca, finally set with a pressed setting powder by YSL and Voila! Then buffing: I took a large fluffy powder brush, dipped into a translucent powder by Hourglass and Sisley and swirled all over my face in circular motion. It smooths over everything and it creates a much desired blur, almost a filter! That’s buffing for you! Sprayed it all with a Lancôme setting mist and all that lasted 14 hrs without moving or changing. Perfection!

Ok, the light failed me today but that’s all the pics I got today. And yeah, it’s 11:55pm.





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