The Foundation Trials -YSL All Hours

I woke up with the distinct feeling of anger and a tiny bit of hatred mixed with a light sadness. Yes, complex, I know. Big day ahead and an early morning meeting I was really dreading but couldn’t wait on getting through so I can enjoy a Friday. One of those days that my face says “Don’t mess with me!” but my heart temporarily resides with my feet. Cold shower didn’t cure it completely but helped shock my body out of oblivion and pumped a little courage into my soul. It’s then when I decided: despite this shitty feeling, I’m going to look freaking fabulous today! I really hoped that today’s foundation trial doesn’t disappoint: Yves Saint Laurent day. And it didn’t…It’s fantastic! It has the typical YSL foundation fragrance, which is light and it dissipates with time. I love it! It applied smoothly over my Tatcha primer and dried down to a flat natural finish. My absolute favorite Viseart eye shadow (Tryst pallete), a Sisley-Paris light green sparkle eye liner, Becca lips, Fenty Gloss in Fu$$y (just as a “Fuck you” to the world) and the Hourglass face palette completed the look. Yes, freaking fabulous!

It is long wear as it survived 9 hours through an intense meeting, rain and 2.5 hours of upper body work out and pilates.

This foundation deserves 4.8 out of 5…especially after my daunting meeting was over…the rest of the day gets the same score.

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