The Foundation Trials – Sisley-Paris Phyto-Teint Expert

I was quite excited to test one of the Sisley foundations today as you have read in my previous posts – I adore a lot of the Sisley products. The lipsticks are amazing, not to mention their skin care products. Almost all of them! Their face masks are just divine.

I mixed Ivory (#1) and Natural (#3) to achieve the desired shade. She applied quite well with an immediate medium to full coverage. There is almost no fragrance. It blends well and dries down to an almost matte finish but has a slight luminizing affect, just enough so it doesn’t crease. It didn’t do much to cover pores so a pore minimizing primer has to be applied, which I didn’t do. I will try with a different primer next time to see if it makes a difference. It looked perfect once I was done with everything else. 8 hours later, not so much. I could definitely see shine on my forehead, cheeks and around the nose. Once again, a good primer may influence that. The picture below was 8 hours later, yes, once again heading to the gym. Here is the good news: after 2 hard core hours at the gym, there was no visible difference to the picture below. Even better news: after washing my face, I noticed that it feels smooth, moisturized, calmed and quite perfect. Bonus treat for Valentine’s Day or rather the Man I’m spending it with. As you know, Sisley has their custom ingredients in all of their products and most are naturally derived from curated plants and backed by science. I did not get the same feeling after washing off the Beautyblender foundation although I had shared that I loved it. In fact, I did notice a little bump on my chin after wearing 2 consecutive days of the Beautyblender and I never break out.

So, I will give the Sisley another day with a different primer, but the verdict is: 4.5 out of 5 stars after one application.

Ok, time to beautify myself and properly acknowledge Valentine’s Day now with a dinner and a Man. Hope he brings me a balloon! Roses are so boring…


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