The Foundation Trials – Beautyblender

Obviously I’ve done some research here before I started this trial series. I read a lot of reviews and I also follow a few beauty bloggers, not to mention that I am frequent visitor of Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th, Sephora, Ulta and a few others but I’d like to spare myself the embarrassment of mentioning more…and after all that I decided on the top 10-15 foundations to try. If there was only a store where you can go get men…what a concept! You want quality, you go to Neimans, you pay top dollars but you walk in, you pick a few men but you know it’s quality merchandise with a guaranteed 60 day return satisfaction. You’re on a budget, no worries, plethora a selection at Macy’s! Not the same quality but at least you expect it because you get what you pay for…hm, can someone pioneer that idea, please!!!

Now back to foundation: Today was Beautyblender foundation trial day. Surprise, surprise! We have an actual competitor here in the running…this foundation is pretty spectacular. The shade was perfect! The application and coverage is buildable to full but with a light hand could be medium. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t crease, it doesn’t cake, it doesn’t move and it doesn’t transfer annoyingly onto your clothes. I used a new primer today, which has to be also my guest star for today – The gripping primer by CoverFX and it may have helped a bit as it is also spectacular. I used very little setting powder, bronzer and concealer and of course blush and high-light but everything layered smoothly on top. I will give it another try tomorrow but all I have to say is WOW! Now, why can’t my experience with men be the same?!


Leaving my house about 45 min after application. Yes, I’m wearing a green fur jacket. Lips – curtesy of Becca and Marc Jacobs gloss.



With direct light onto my face.

5 hrs later. It does look better!!! I only changed the lips to a new shade of Sisley which I just picked up at Bloomingdales. It’s Sunday: don’t bother me, I’m shopping!


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