The Foundation Trials – Laura Mercier Flawless Lumiere Radiance-Perfecting

I was a bit excited to try this one not only because it’s new by Laura Mercier but also because you know how much I love the translucent setting powder by the brand. It didn’t disappoint, unlike the men in my life. I had to apply 2.5 layers but it went on smoothly, once again unlike the men in my life…it oxidized slightly during dinner which was about 3 hrs after application but barely noticeably. My date said I was glowing which was meant as a compliment but I took it the wrong way as I thought he was diminishing the power of Laura. At least I didn’t have to sit through another unbearable smell of my foundation as it doesn’t have any. What’s with men trying to touch your face, by the way? At least I found out that the foundation doesn’t transfer. Good news here! Once I got home though, I noticed that around my nose and eyes it had slightly moved. It may have been my primer though as I used 2 to prep- my most beloved Tatcha silk and the Tarte smooth, which is new to me.

Overall, not a bad foundation, the color matched me perfectly, it has a luminous finish but not abnoxiously glowing, and it lasted through my date’s desperate attempts to rub it off or in his view, show some sort of affection. I give it 4 out 5. Not the man, just the foundation…



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