The Foundation Trials – Estée Lauder Double Wear

I completely understand all the hype about this foundation. It’s full coverage, I mean really full, it covered not only all spots and discoloration but my emotions too. Once applied, none of my facial muscles had any movement as it causes this extraordinary tightness. Not sure I enjoyed feeling like a mime. Don’t trust the Bloomingdales ladies at the Estée Lauder counter as they are there as it appears just for show. I was set up with the shade Tawny. Hm, the name should have been the first clue for me but I went with it anyway. And all the lightning at Bloomingdales is misleading enough so you walk into the store as Me and you come out as an Woompa Loompa. The shade was very wrong and orange-yellow but I like a good challenge and got ready to do some magic. Pulled my best tricks and somehow made it work. After applying twenty some other products on my face, I looked decent. Ok, so the sucker stays put, for a looong time. It doesn’t move, partially because you can’t really move your face either as I mentioned already, so tight on your skin. It has no smell, which I like but if you have dry or combo skin like mine, not sure it’s for you. Or at least, moisturize abundantly prior. I also mixed Farsali prime serum with it before applying. It’s quite a matte finish so if you’re looking for a natural glow or a healthy luminous finish which is more my thing, not sure this is for you.  But if you have lots of imperfections you’d like covered, yeah, go for it! It will do the job. I’m blessed with somewhat of a good skin and I like a more natural coverage so I prefer less make up on my face but if you want the world to know that you have makeup on but look also flawless as if you don’t have anything to hide, this puppy will accomplish that. Final Verdict: aside for the wrong shade I picked, this foundation is long lasting, no smell, covers everything, doesn’t crease, matte canvass finish, all in, it does accomplish most of a foundation’s purpose. I would wear again.




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