Don’t go out naked into the world…Wear the Best foundation primer…

I opened the garage door and slowly backed up my car just enough so the whole coupe was completely out and exposed under the bright California sun. The light filled the car and twinkled playfully throughout the lush interior. Time for the ultimate and final face check: the vanity mirror. I dropped it down and gazed at myself. Yes, my make up was flawless! It had to be…considering  I’m off to brunch with a guy who is so uncomfortably handsome that every time I picture him, I get a little intimidated…ok, ok a little excited too…but I’ll share more about the guy later…let’s just stay with foundation primer for now…

Even though I haven’t really slept through the night in over 6 months, the foundation looked like second skin, smooth, blurry with a bright dewy yet photofinish matte glow. Now I’m really giving points to my new primer. Yes, ladies! Don’t go out naked into the world! Use a primer before you apply your foundation. There are two I strongly recommend: the Murad and the YSL. Hard working, skin nourishing, doesn’t clog your pores and just overall perfect! Ok, so it doesn’t guarantee you getting the perfect guy but it does put you in the game. Off I go…


About Desi Stark

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