Let’s talk about the best…well, when it comes to foundation anyway…

I just noticed that about 6 years ago I had posted a review about the best foundation I had found. And yes, I have experimented A LOT more since then. What I deemed the best 6 years ago was the full coverage foundation by La Prairie which also came with a concealer. Unfortunately, the brand discontinued the manufacturing of this formula (you can still find it on the shelf but it will go away) but here is the good news: they came out with something even better: the cushion foundation. It’s a lighter coverage (I would say light to medium, but buildable to almost full) but sinks into your skin as if your own and you don’t even feel it. It contains age fighting ingredients from their Caviar skin collection (which is, you know about $500 per oz), it smells amazing in a very subtle and not overpowering way and it hides all imperfections without taking away from your own skin. It will last on your skin longer than any other foundation without moving or creasing. If I could give it 6 stars, it’s getting 8! And yes, I have tried the best rated foundations out there, like the YSL and the so hyped up Armani, the Double Wear,  Born this Way and Dior, etc. None of them come even close in comparison. Yes, it is expensive ($195) as you would expect for most La Prairie products to be but consider what you are getting: 2 cushions in the package, anti-aging ingredients, flawless coverage that lasts 24 hrs (yes, it will!), buildable coverage, SPF 25 and just all around perfection. The only drawback is that the color selection is quite limited and it comes in only 8 shades. My skin tone is quite light but when I tan even a little bit, I end up using the darkest shade in the collection, which is Satin Nude. Also, if you decide to invest in this spectacular product, I recommend using a beauty blender to apply instead of the applicator provided in the box. You may end up using a bit more product, but it’s just faster to apply.

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