Talking about hair styling…or are we?

I’m still on hair…2nd day consecutive. Life must have gotten complicated if I am keeping it that simple and just about the hair!! But who doesn’t like tips on hair? I have to share this with you as I have experimented with a boatload of hair products throughout the years and there is always a favorite of the month but there are a few that are always my default. See, I like efficiency in my daily life and I also seek out products and sometimes men that will make my life easier rather than complicated. Ok, that last one is probably a lie as history has proven, I chase the most complex men around and it seems completely symbiotic because that type of men like me as well. Yeah, that’s right! I make everything nice, simple but exciting at the same time. Take it from a person who has been engaged a bunch of times – 4 to be exact. No, I didn’t marry all of them; obviously I say “no” sometimes…haha! Now back to hair products: yes, I have a default. I started using Oribe products a while ago, when Oribe line was exclusively available at Neiman Marcus and I fell in love. Well, as much as you can fall in love with your Conditioner but yes, sometimes I would prefer spending time with it than my boyfriend/fiancé/husband at the time, whoever that may be…So here is the irony: years go by, I change the men, but Oribe is still here…and yes, I’m still in love. Try the Shampoo/Conditioner – I like all of them. Hair masks are also amazing. But the most loyal ones are the Shine Spray, the Wave Spray and the Moisture Cream. They never let me down. When it comes to loyalty, can you say the same about your Man?


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