The Only Hair-styling Tools you need – love me some Dyson Innovation!

I love doing my make up but doing my hair, a very different endeavor. I have long and naturally wavy hair but here is the challenge – it’s only wavy on the bottom. I also have a lot of hair, fine but lots of it so it tends to get frizzy and damaged easily. Unlike most of you, I absolutely have to wash my hair on a daily basis, sometimes even twice so you can understand how consuming it may be to dry long, full hair on a daily basis. But I found a solution. I discovered Dyson products about 2 years ago and it started with buying an Air Purifier. Loved it! I got the cooling tower. It’s amazing! About 6 months ago I got the Dyson Hairdryer. Immediately noticed that it saves me about 7 min a day when drying my hair and it makes it shinier, doesn’t damage it and makes it softer. The innovation is amazing as the hairdryer adjusts temperature every 20 sec so it doesn’t overheat and damage your hair. Yes, it’s an investment ($300) but I figure if it saves me 7 min per day, that’s 3.5 hrs a month that I spared in drying my hair.

2-3 months ago I read about another Dyson innovation for hair styling. It’s called the Dyson Airwrap. It was immediately sold out everywhere so I pulled some of my connections at Neiman Marcus and got it. All I have to say is WOW!! It’s basically this wand with different attachments to style your hair straight, wavy, create volume and without damage. Read about it! It’s miraculous! Another investment ($600) but totally worth it!!

Here are pics of both.

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