Beauty and Tips

My style is my signature for the outside world. It is also often how I express my mood, attitude and feelings. If you need a little help today, use your clothes in creating your “safe shield” against the world. Clothes and outfits are always my expression of the way I feel or want to feel today.

Make up and hair are also important; take your time and create a look that is relevant to the time of day and event you are attending.

I have experimented throughout the years with lots of different products when it comes to make up, hair, beauty, skin care, hair care, etc. and I would love to share with you. We are bombarded on a monthly basis with new fashion trends and styles. I will share my honest opinion on which pieces are worth buying (as they have potential to become classic), which ones are just fun to own and what is a definite “no”.

Please, click on the link named “Beauty And Fashion Tips” under Categories to the right to see all of my tips and advice on everything beauty, fashion and experiences or just hit “Home” above to see it all.

Thank you!


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