Damn good day…and the one…

You would think with the day I had, it was a complete waste of make up…And it was a damn good make up day too. It never translates well into a photo for me but trust me, damn good make up day! And I did the whole thing while having an intensely motivational conversation on the phone. Yep, I’m very often the designated shrink on the premises. May be that’s the trick – I shouldn’t care too much about anything and it just happens. Can I? May be I should try it…and I am no longer referring just to make up…

We have to talk about a complicated subject…well, entertainingly so. Because this one I can solve…Eyeshadow. More specifically – the one eyeshadow palette which can replace all others.

And I’m not even going to talk about all of my favorite brands for eyeshadow, like Viseart or Natasha Danona or Tom Ford or even Chanel. I’m going straight to Pat McGrath. Because nothing beats the formula of Pat McGrath if you’re looking for versatility, pigment, formulation or blend-ability. Nothing!!


I have one of those uniquely bizarre eye colors that changes between green, blue and even blue-green so what’s good for me may not necessarily work for you when applying the right shade on the eye. So I will have to go with the Mothership II Sublime palette. Because anyone can benefit from it. You can create at least two dozen different looks with this palette regardless of your eye color. I absolutely love it! That’s what I used today…yep, that’s the one!



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The One – bronzer


Let’s face it…we’re not saving manatees here, right?! So this is not that important. But it certainly matters to some extent because bronzer is one of those make up items that you just need to have. Even if you’re not using anything else, you have to apply some bronzer just to bring some definition to your face. Finding the perfect shade of bronzer has been a mission this year. You need to find one that actually compliments your skin tone but also doesn’t seem overly noticeable. At the same time it has to be blend-able and buildable and smooth but with just the right amount of pigment. I feel like I’m asking for too much or describing the perfect man. Although I don’t know why he would be buildable. And the pigment part could be a puzzler as well…


I rotate quite a few bronzers from my collections and definitely have a few that I reach for constantly. The Sisley one has this nice almost gelled consistency that builds like a dream; the Chantecaille in shade Goa is a recent favorite as its texture is supremely fine and undetectable but gives you what you need  but the one that has captured my heart is the Soleil bronzer by Tom Ford in shade Terra. Yes, if you are to pick one to replace all others, undoubtedly, that’s the one you pick. It’s perfect for fair to medium skin tone, may be even a bit deeper if you build it. It’s the perfect shade and so soft on the skin. There is no sheen to it and melts into your skin. The compact is beautiful and it comes in two different sizes. That’s the one!


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The One -lipstick

Sunday…a day to train hard at the gym, reflect on the past week and enjoy some much deserved alone time. Yes, today, I’m making it my day! Sure, I probably deserve it…right?!

Now, this is coming from a person who has a full drawer of lip products, I’m guessing well over a 100 of them. So you can understand how the task of picking just one lipstick becomes almost an impossibility. But hey, I always say that there is no such thing…Anything is possible, right?! And I’m sure I’m no longer referring to lipstick…

But, to avoid the longer, yet another philosophical discussion, we’ll stick to picking the one lipstick. And it had to be Tom Ford. But which one? We have to go with the shade “Forbidden Pink”, which ironically I either left at some place unwillingly or it jumped out of my purse and ran away from me. Yeah, I lost it but of course, there is another one on the way as I just realized that I cannot live without it as much as one cannot exist without a certain lipstick.

Yes, I love the name, I love the long wear, I love the pigment, I love the muted, nude pink shade, I love how comfortable and kissable your lips stay, I love the sophisticated packaging, I love everything about it!


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The One – face primer


The obsession with finding “the one” continues…If you ask me, once again, the notion of just “one” is an idiotic and absolutely unacceptable for all of us spoiled, greedy, variety lovers of this gorgeous state of California and I’m sure many other places in the world. Yes, we like choices and thankfully we are given plenty of those. And yet, in every category, you always have one item that supersedes all other competition. One that is just perfect for you. Right?!

Today, we’re picking “The One” face primer. This becomes a bit harder as just like with men, your choice may change with time, experience, age, life demands and the ridiculous desires of your heart.

I have discovered quite a few great ones this year. No, not men, just the primers…From Tatcha’s Silk canvas, Cover FX’s Gripping Primer to Chantecaille’s SPF 45 primer, yes, all pretty amazing.

But if I have to pick just one to use forever and get rid of all others, I have to go with Sisley’s Double Tenseur. I really like it when a product has multiple benefits, in other words, it accomplishes a lot with one single application – yes, multipurpose. Because I like efficiency. The Double Tenseur is just that – it’s a primer but also has skin anti-aging and lifting benefits. Who doesn’t want to prolong the beauty of their face?! It also lays the perfect canvas to apply your foundation. It’s light and gel like with a bit of slip but has a smoothing affect as well.

Yes, definitely “the one” face primer.


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“The One”…

374CA529-DD24-4A1F-A0CB-86118897EC6E.jpegWe all search for “the one”…all of our lives, that’s what we do…we run around breathless and tireless, accomplishing things, reaching for our dreams and looking for “the one”…That one person that measures up to our ideal match in our heads. The one who gives us strength, comfort, love, insanity, security, desire, passion, inspiration and purpose. Is there only one perfect match out there for each of us? Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you just shoot me now?

With my luck, “the one” man for me is lost  and emotionally unavailable so it may take a while…how long am I to wait?!

Since we can debate the complexities of the human nature and matching souls for eternity without a plausible answer, I’m settling on addressing a much simpler and definitely more joyful and positive subject: “The One” in every make up category.

Today we’re talking about “The One” foundation. If you have to get rid of all of your foundations and you are allowed to have just one, which one would you pick?

Just like with men, foundation is a very specific and personal match to you, your preference, personality, life style, needs and body chemistry (skin type).

Unlike with men, I always keep about 20-25 different foundations in my collection. Depending on the occasion and or the condition of my skin, I have a choice to accommodate it: Day vs night, light vs full coverage, matte vs glow, long wearing, sunscreen containing, moisturizing, water proof, budge proof, etc. When it comes to men – well, one at a time works best but realistically sometimes an overlap may occur. It sounds bad, I know, but it happens…But my brain and heart will solely belong to one…So I try to listen…

Since the goal here is to find “the one” foundation, I have to pick one that’s somewhat perfect for it all. So I thought about it…It was not a very difficult decision – I have to go with my old time favorite, one that I’ve had for over a decade in my collection and always keep a bottle even if I do not reach for it on a daily or sometimes even monthly basis but it’s definitely the one that I can sacrifice all others for – La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation Sunscreen SPF 15.

This foundation not only has buildable medium to full coverage but also contains an SPF of 15. Which makes it perfect for day and night. It also contains anti-aging properties and a concealer separately on top of the bottle. It applies perfectly on the skin without being too matte or shiny, just skin like. It’s long wearing and the scent is your typical subtle and elegant La Prairie scent which I adore. Yes, it’s suitable for all skin types. Perfection in a bottle.

Now, if you already own this foundation and you have found “the one” man, consider your life to be perfect!

I have to be satisfied with just owning the foundation for now…


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Have you ever heard of Ace Beaute? I hadn’t either but apparently the brand exists and it makes gorgeous eyeshadow. I received a duo in my BoxyCharm. It’s a soft shadow with a creamy texture and extreme shine and pigment. The application was a breeze. I just applied some bronzer in my crease and using my finger tapped the eyeshadow all over the lid. The easiest and fastest eye make up I have ever done. I tried the shade on the left in pink. It contains pretty gold shimmer as well. Absolutely beautiful!


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If you’re an old soul like me or grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, then you remember this song. Enjoy!


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Beautiful Saturday…

While getting ready for a lunch, I opened my BoxyCharm box. BoxyCharm is a subscription service which allows you to test 5 new products monthly delivered to your door (full size, not samples). I am testing 2 of them today.

First one is by Wonder Beauty and it’s their Illuminating Face Oil. I applied under make up and I think it’s just gorgeous. It gives the skin moisture but also a very skin like glow. Almost glass like. Beautiful!

I also received the new Tarte mascara – Big Ego. Ok, what happened here? I have the big ego but apparently also tiny lashes! It fans the lashes out quite well but where is the volume? Nope, not for me!

Bathing in the Newport Coast sun while driving to lunch.

Now we have to quickly convert from day to an evening look as I have a dinner thing. And the minute I decide to wear green, my eyes decide to turn blue. Please, cooperate! Yes, they occasionally change back and forth from green to blue. Aha, I’m an alien!

I doused myself in the Lion highlighter by Chanel in gold. It’s a limited edition but still available on the Chanel website. I love it! It transformed my face into a glamorous glow which is very appropriate for an evening look and the guy who gets to enjoy it as I have no intention of holding a mirror while dining.


Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday! And you?


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Dancefloor Princess lips…

“What do you want?”…I’m definitely annoyed now as this guy has been tailgating me for over 5 min, honking and waiving behind me. So I am looking in my rear view mirror to see if I can read his mind. Well, I can’t…but since he is driving so closely behind me, I am considering inviting him to join me on my back seat for a chat. Seriously, what’s wrong with people? And no, I didn’t get electrecuted, that’s just my hair today. It’s disobedient and I had to go to work…:)


Anyhow, today we are reviewing the new Hot lips by Charlotte Tilbury. In case you didn’t know, Charlotte Tilbury was one of the Head Creators for Tom Ford Cosmetics and a number of years ago, she spun off and found her own brand, today’s wildly popular Charlotte Tilbury company. I cannot say that I am a huge fan of her make up line and probably shouldn’t opine here as I also do not own a lot of her products. I have to tell you though, her Lip Cheat pencil, which is oh, so famous, is well deserved of the fame as it is as good as talked about.

I picked up a few of the new lipsticks (Hot Lips) and I love their names. In the photo above, I am wearing the Dancefloor Princess – pop pink shade: a pale pink nude. It did apply nicely on the lips but it takes some work. You have to do a few sweeps to get to the desired pigmentation. It has a velvet satin finish and its not drying. I wouldn’t say that it is moisturizing either though as I noticed that my lips did not stay very hydrated during the day. It also wears off as quickly as a gloss, which does not make it for a very long wearing lipstick. The packaging is nice although a bit tacky for my taste…Overall, it is a nice lipstick, but I honestly have to say that I much prefer the Sisley, Pat McGrath or Tom Ford lip to this. I do not think I will be purchasing more shades. But people apparently love it.



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